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Serto’s Blue Sky Satellite Contest Submission

We used a self-hosted instance of Serto…

Off-chain Reputation is the Key to Meritocracy

A DAO or decentralized autonomous organization is an enterprise-like operation directed by voting through tokenized governance. If you want to join a DAO, purchasing certain tokens on the open market is often the only qualification. …

Serto helps artists and creators of all kinds claim their identities in web3 space. By asserting their identities, and using them to create NFT works, artists and creators can use Serto to get started on their journey making lasting NFTs.

The Identity Problem with NFTs that No One Likes Talking About

In March 2021, Clarence Greenwood and Serto Co-founder Evin McMullen teamed up after she spoke on Clubhouse about the looming challenges of centralized identity and the global NFT market. Evin had explained that many, if not most, audiovisual NFT artworks do not bear a verifiable, cryptographic signature from their author…

To illustrate the concept, this very article is an NFT. You can verify its authorship cryptographically. Check it out below.

Last week, an NFT art creator with the OpenSea handle Pest Supply made nearly a million dollars selling Banksy-style-looking works. Emotional mayhem ensued because bidders felt dismayed at the unclear authorship of the works, which reads a lot like cranky Twitter backlash. Pest Supply never purported to be Banksy (indeed…

The uPort project set forth at ConsenSys in 2015 to explore a new form of identity where end-users and enterprises could become active stewards of their verifiable data. …


Serto makes decentralized identity technology easier for everyone to enjoy. Our work is powered by ConsenSys. Join us at Serto.ID.

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