uPort is now Serto

2 min readJan 31, 2021

The uPort project set forth at ConsenSys in 2015 to explore a new form of identity where end-users and enterprises could become active stewards of their verifiable data. This initiative evolved into a variety of experiments, enabling end-users to hold their identity credentials in mobile wallets, helping people use those credentials to accomplish real-world actions and impacting communities on a global scale with these new approaches.

uPort’s leading-edge experiments paved the way for the W3C’s decentralized identity (DID) and verifiable credential (VC) standards; these primitives offer a new common global approach to identity and reputation.

Today, Serto continues this critical work with a refined set of tools and a focus on usability and enterprise implementation of DIDs and VCs.

We are joined by alumni of Alpine (a crypto-economics team engineering value with new enterprise transactions) and Civil (a blockchain-based platform for trustworthy journalism), among others, and continue to be part of The Mesh.

We have observed that the root problem with nearly every decentralized ecosystem is the absence of a decentralized identity solution, which necessarily leads to a re-centralization — and renders blockchains like Ethereum more superfluous technical complexity than truly enabling infrastructure.

The Serto team envisions a world where identities of any sort can use decentralized standardized identity and verifiable data solutions (starting with DIDs and VCs) to exchange data in a trusted, private and scalable way without unnecessary intermediaries.

Our mission is to catalyze adoption of decentralized technologies by resolving the critical identity blocker — the friction of using decentralized identity technology.

We combat this friction by making it easier for everyone to use DIDs and VCs.

Learn more about our current work and our products at Serto.ID


Please be advised that ongoing support for all uPort libraries will be deprecated May 1, 2021. These resources will be available for free, unsupported download until December 30, 2021. Please direct any questions about the uPort libraries to Gregory.Bugyis at mesh dot xyz.




Serto makes decentralized identity technology easier for everyone to enjoy. Our work is powered by ConsenSys. Join us at Serto.ID.