Verifiable Authorship for the $150 Million NFT Art Market

To illustrate the concept, this very article is an NFT. You can verify its authorship cryptographically. Check it out below.

Decentralized identifiers offer the start of a fairly simple fix.

Creators need web3 identities that are not tied to any platform. They can use these identities to produce NFT works that cryptographically resolve into human-readable information. Decentralized identity can offer a missing trust layer of verifiable authorship for the $150 million NFT art market.

How do we get verifiable authorship for NFTs?

The above pictured webpage within the Serto Website shows our DID Document. We utilize the DIF .Wellknown Configuration to implement our DID within the DNS record. Any NFTs minted with this DID’s Ethereum address are verifiably from us!

To illustrate the full concept, we have minted this very article as an NFT.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself below.

We are doing usability testing for our beta search and would appreciate feedback from NFT users. Please contact us here to participate.

Are you an NFT creator?

Do you have an application or NFT issuance/sale platform?

Serto makes decentralized identity technology easier for everyone to enjoy. Our work is powered by ConsenSys. Join us at Serto.ID.